August Boss Babes featuring ALWAYS BE.

Hey Ya,ll! It’s that time again for the Boss Babes segment of the blog. This was designed to  encourage boss babes  and introduce some amazing women to you all. The two girls I chose this month are so AWESOME! I absolutely love following these girls on Instagram for some incredible encouragements, quotes, and some outfit/ style inspirations! Here are the two girls who have blown up our Instagram feeds with their amazing bohemian fashions…  Always Be Boutique.

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1. Tell me a little bit about yourselves
We are 2 girls from Texas who believe in being an inspiration to everyone we meet and we came together with the goal to empower girls to Always Be yourself because you are truly enough.

2. How long had you all been thinking about opening a store??? And is your store just online? 
We talked about going into business together at lunch one day and hit the ground running. We knew we were both dedicated to success and willing to put in the hard work to get there. Yes, our store is only online …. for now!!


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3. What have you loved most about having your store open??? 
It is truly a dream come true. Our first customer was an absolute celebration for us & we got matching heart tattoos together that night to remember it forever! But honestly every minute we have been able to spend together working on our store we have loved. We have become best friends and being able to laugh and have so much fun while doing what we have always dreamed of doing is more than we could ask for.

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4. Were there some hardships in opening your store and or any advice you can give to others wanting to do something similar? 
Research, research and more research. And then when your idea fails, research again until you get it right. Be patient and don’t ever give up on yourself!

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5. The styles of clothing are really fun! They are bohemian, retro and gypsy inspired. Would you say the store reflects your styles? 
We both have very different styles that we actually wear on a day to day basis but we love the boho & gypsy feel and definitely share those as inspiration for our store.

6. Who would be or is your fashion icon and why??! 
We don’t have a particular icon – we idolize all types of styles and women!

7. So your IG says ” two girls…” where did ya’ll meet? Have you been friends for a while… what’s the backstory?! 
We met working together in the corporate retail world! We have worked together for a year and decided we were going to go after it ourselves.

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8. What is your favorite item at your store right now??
Always Be Ready Dress

Here’s a pic of the Always Be Ready Dress… Super cute, Right?!!!

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9. What is your favorite season for fashion and why? 
Fall! There are so many possibilities because it is colder outside and you have multiple layers to mix together and scarves and jackets to accessorize with.

10. What is one piece of advise, you can give to girls and women that had changed your outlook on life? 
This too shall pass. No matter where you are or how you feel even in your very darkest day, it will pass. It is only a bad day and never a bad life. You are stronger than you know!

Thanks to the ladies of Alwaysbe  for taking the time to let me interview them about their fun business! Make sure you check them out on Instagram and Facebook Alwaysbe AND buy some o their super cute clothing!


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