How to shop the latest trends on a budget!


We all love to get a good buy for a bargain of the price and when you can do that in the convenience of your own home, it’s even better. I have always been a little skeptical of buying clothing online, but I have found a couple sites that I love. One of those sites (again, depending upon what you get) is Wish. I had heard about Wish and their low prices from some of my girlfriends and teaching friends, and seriously, the deals are so amazing. There are tons of free items and lots of other things that are under $10. If free,  you just pay for the shipping! I bought a couple of items recently on Wish and thought I should share. Time for show and tell, friends! Sit back, grab a drink and take a look at the pretties I got!


This kimono! I mean, really, can you ever have enough Kimono’s! This summer was like Kimono heaven for me! I am so in love with them and can not wait to get more. I got this Kimono on for $8. While the price was amazing, it took about 3-4 weeks for me to get it. Want to buy the same kimono but get it within a couple days? I found it on amazing and you can get it Here


This is such a great long cardigan- wear it dressed up or dressed down! This “coat bat cardigan shirt jacket”, as it is called on Wish was only $4 (when I bought it)and I love it!  


I have never bought any lipstick or lip gloss online before and I was a little worried, but for $2, I thought – What the heck, why not? The Miss Rose lipstick moisturizer smooth Lips Stick Long Lasting Charming Lip Lipstick Cosmetic is a great lipstick. I really like the Orchid color that I got! 


Okay, I am super excited about the next item I got! I am obsessed with sunglasses, like literally i have about 12 different pairs. So, I really didn’t need to get anymore sunglasses, but this was a WANT. Well, really all the items were WANTS! I have been seeing these catlike sunglasses on so many Instagram feeds and online and I really wanted to get some. All the sunglasses I found that looked like this were really nice quality, but the were also pretty expensive. For me, I just wanted to get the glasses for a fun look and I didn’t want to spend a lot, so Wish was perfect. Aren’t they so cute?! And they were FREE!

You should download the Wish app and start searching for what you WANT… get the items you really like and want for cheaper. It is super easy to search the items you love and want.

If you like the fashions in this blog post, check out my fashion page for more fun looks!


4 thoughts on “How to shop the latest trends on a budget!

  1. Honestly, I let my husband do all of the shopping! Mainly because the prices always confuse me- he’s always like, “you can get something like that for cheaper!”

    But this…. is gold. I’ll have to check it out! Any maternity clothes by chance??

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