There and back in 2 days: Nashville/ Springfield Chronicles!


Okay, so it was definitely a whirl wind trip! I loved seeing my family even if it was just for 2 days. I am so incredibly thankful that I could take the time to drive to Nashville and see them all… I am so extremely blessed to have such an amazing family. I was bummed that Dave didn’t get to come with and have some much needed chill time but work called.  And up until last year I really had never driving longer than 5 hours alone and this trip was definitely a struggle at times. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but i have a hard time listening to music on the road. Now, sometimes music can really be upbeat, make me move and groove and want to sing and keep me awake. Other times music can soothe my soul so much that I will begin to fall asleep… Not good when you’re driving!!!! And while I’m sure this probably doesn’t happen to you as much as me, sometimes when I’m listening to music i begin to analyze the chord structure and the words, and I get distracted ( I was a music major after all). So many times my go-to listening pleasure is talk radio…. yes, I did say Talk radio! I would say I have a slight bit of road range, which I think I got from my dad. It’s not the road rage of a person who yells at people or honks their horn or cuts people off…..i have met some of those people! But I will talk to myself about others’ stupid driving habits or lack there of, and with talk radio on and getting my blood boiling as they talk about the government and all the crazy things happening, I join right along saying things like, “Really… well I think so too.”: haha!πŸ˜‚ I’m a dork!  I allow myself to get amped up with the discussions or I learn more about world news and things happening in the country, and the good news is that I stay alert and awake! Anyways… on with the cute pictures and some reviews of my trip to Nashville and from this years fourth celebration with friends!

Friday night! 

1st stop- my sisters office! So proud of her! She is working at a law firm as an assistant and filer! And she is blogging too… check it out. emily’s site

Then Emily’s cute house- more pics under home decor!!! Check it out!!! Love this home!

Centennial Park is beautiful and a must visit when in Nashville! We just walked through on our way to the Sounds Baseball game!

Baseball game with Emily and her friend Emily! – she’s really pretty and smart… she is a marine biologist! πŸ€“

Ballpark food!! Yum! 


I stopped by a friend’s house to see her bathroom renovation and go to breakfast! Ok, ya’ll her bathroom is # goals!!! It is amazing! I posted pics under home decor- Alex and Marie’s bathroom renovation! Then we went to breakfast at Biscuit Love! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» If you’re taking a trip to Nashville or live there, you should go check it out! You will want to get ther early cuz there is always a line in front… took us an hour to get seated- but worth it!


Bonuts are amazing!!! You must try them!!!

Marie!!!! She is the sweetest, cutest girl ever! I love hanging out with her… she is such an encourager and we are both teachers going into our 5th year of teaching! 🍎 Also I ❀️her style and home decor ideas!!!

This cute little flower truck just happened to be parked outside and made a perfect background for our friend pic!

Then off to see the family at the Nashville Farmer’s market!!! Another place to go if you get a chance- so cute, so many vendors and so many incredible places to eat inside and out!!!  These veggies looked so amazing I just had to snap a pic!

My sis-in-law and my sweet Niece Charlotte! It was a super humid day and we were all getting really hot- cooled off inside for some lunch! There are seriously all kinds of foods inside… everything looked amazing!

Charlotte loves Grandpa!!!

Love this pic of all of us! It will forever be one of my favorites! We were missing Dave though 😞

Went back to the house for a bit to relax and then traveled to Dickson, TN where Kate, Erik and Charlie live! And had pizza at a place that evening and watched fireworks! This was Charlie’s first time watching fireworks and she did great! She sat still for a bit, but then wanted to run about in the grass. I got the job o chasing her all around and playing with her… a job I loved and will cherish the memory of!

Blurry pic, but totally how the night was!


Dad, mom, me and Emily all went to church at Emily’s church “Ethos” and it was an awesome service! Enjoyed the worship and the pastors message on ” are you alive or are you awake”! He was talking about how we as christians need to be living in an awake mode for the Holy Spirit to speak through us, use us and place opportunities in our path. We can’t just be alive but not actually awake to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in us and around us! πŸ™ŒπŸ» amen! 

After church we had to try another Nashville staple-  ” Hattie B’s Hot Chicken”.  Aren’t my parents the cutest?!!! Love them!

As ya’ll know from reading my posts or my about me page, I love spicy food!!! I decided to try the “hot” chicken this is 2 steps down from the hottest which is called “shut the cluck up”…. haha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love it! Well it was spicy, but I bet next time I’ll try the hotter one!

Then off to Erik, Kate and Charlie’s house for the afternoon and evening! I got to be there to help with the big sister posing pictures!!! Kate and Erik announced to the family about 4 weeks ago that they were pregnant again and now Kate wanted to share it with friends and others! I was so excited to be a part of it!!! Here is one of a zillion pics… Charlie wore a sweater that was made for Kate when she was a little girl, that was used to announce her sister being born and now Charlie got to wear it!!!

She was so funny! It was hot outside and I kept trying to take the sweater off and she would fuss and push me away. As she walked around the arms would dangle to the floor and she would flap them to and fro like she was gonna fly!

Went to coffee at a really cute place near Emily’s house… it had lots of antiques and fun things to buy! It was called Three Corners… cool place to check out!

And back to Springfield for a fun time with friends! 

Me and my handsome hubby!

Sparklers from mine and Dave’s wedding almost 4 years ago!!! And we lit a couple lanterns and sent them to the stars!

I cut my friend Cat’s shirt to make it look more “stylish for her”- as she said! Cut the collar off and then cut the sides to do tie up sides!

Love, love these girls! Ya’ll make life so much fun!!!  Thanks Kel for throwing an awesome party!!!! 

Til next time! Keep being awesome… Live life with no regrets… be you!!! 


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