Are our insecurities holding us back from living life more full?

Ok, so I have been thinking about this question for a while, because it is so easy to always compare ourselves with everyone. Social media has made it more and more difficult to not compare ourselves and look at everyone’s lives and wish we were them. But what if we got excited for others instead of being jealous of one another for whatever it might be… you fill in the blank for you. Encourage-One-Another

Well today while I was looking through my fb feed, my friend Heather posted this,  “So…Bryan and I have been going to the gym for years. He is always talking to other guys and they are always high fiving each other and doing the fist bump thing. I asked Bryan why all the guys seem to know one another. He said that guys will go up to each other and ask what the other does (routine, diet, etc) if they think the other dude looks good.

Yeah. Girls don’t do that.

Guys say, “hey man you look good, let me learn what you do”. Girls snarl at each other.”

I thought… “Yes! Exactly… my thoughts exactly!” But why? Why can’t we be like the guys in this situation? It’s not just at the gym…. We do this everywhere! We do this online, we do this at the store, we do this at our job… Why? Are we really so insecure in ourselves that we can’t ask another woman how they did something? Is it the pride factor or is it the reality of us having to tell someone else or look like we don’t have it all together?


Well, I’m hear to say… no more! Not for me…! I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t have it all together or figured out… I rarely know what I’m doing with this whole blogging thing, getting more followers, or the hashtags to use… when the best times are to post or publish a post… Just being honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and enjoy being able to communicate my feelings and I have made some good friends while doing this. But,  I’m done being too proud or too insecure to ask other women for help or advise… we need each other. We can be so much better together than we are apart and guys get that! Not saying all guys get it, but the guys at this gym had obviously figured out how to encourage each other and be happy for each other, while asking for advise. I want to be able to help and encourage others and be excited for them when they succeed. This is one of my favorite quotes…


So hearing this from her husband, Heather decided that she would get past her “girl insecurities and grow in her fitness journey by dedicating once a day for a week to talk with a girl that is in better shape, and ask her what she does. ” She is going to go to the source! What if we found a way to be happy for others, not compete, but also help each other along the journey of life, navigating through the hard things instead of allowing ourselves to be too proud or insecure? I think we would live a more full, exciting life! And we could all bloom together and make the most beautiful field of wild flowers!

You go, Heather!!! Way to learn from your guy and give yourself a challenge that I’m sure  you will enjoy and learn from. And thank you for inspiring me to ask for more help from women I think are rocking at life!!! I can not wait to hear from Heather about the things she learned as a result of this challenge. Maybe she’ll even make a guest appearance on the blog!

Also- Heather is seriously one of the coolest more encouraging girls I know!

heathers podcast

And for all those moms reading or moms to be reading that want to get back their body… she is definitely someone to talk to…  And she has an amazing podcast called ” the Unconventional1″ at – you should go take a listen! Till later!


6 thoughts on “Are our insecurities holding us back from living life more full?

  1. Omg I absolutely LOVED this! Thank you for writing about this topic so honestly and beautifully. So many women need to learn that we are all on the same team and need to love and lift one another up! Thank you for sharing your light and setting an example sweet girl. Tons of positive vibes your way!

    Ps. Woo Women Empowerment!

    1. Thank you so much Jess!!! I so appreciate you stopping by to read and for you sending me some love. I was a little nervous to post about this, but it was just something weighing on my heart! Thanks for encouraging! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love this post!!! Comparison is absolutely a thief of joy, and social media makes it so easy to fall into the trap – even comparing ourselves to other Christians. Thank you for sharing this and standing up for it!

    Sydney Meek |

  3. This post brings up SO many good points, Erin! You are so right in that men seem so much more comfortable learning from each other and I definitly notice this a lot at the gym. I am going to take your advice and “go to the source” and ask one woman about their workout a week, even if it is over social media (my gym is kind of tiny and a lot of times I’m the only one there). We are all beautiful and we all have something to offer when it comes to taking care of ourselves and letting our own light shine through! Thanks for the reminder!

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