Wellness for the mind and body! 

Last week I was chatting with a fellow blogger and we decided it would be fun to do a challenge together and see how it works out for both of us! We decided to do a vegan challenge for the week! Wait, what? Yep, I said it a vegan challenge… meaning no amazing cheeses with my wine, no pizza🍕… and no milk or reg creamer for my coffee… or my fav Starbucks drinks:( I thought I must be crazy when I said yes to doing it… how could I give up pizza 🍕and all of the above mentioned things… it would indeed be tough, but thank God I can still have chips and salsa and tacos ( without meat and cheese of course). 

I decided since I was gonna do this challenge, I should do it with style! So I of course asked anyone that I knew that had been a vegan or is, what foods I should make and found lots of suggestions on Pinterest. Dave and I went shopping and picked up the essentials for making some pretty great, (hopefully foods). And I decided why stop there! 

Why not add in some other things for some self loves ?!!! So I decided to do a couple things: feel free to follow along if you’d like! 

Eating healthy and vegan ✅ I will post the recipes I used on a later blog if interested! 

Monday night- yoga on the porch and Dave and I bought some more cute little plants!!! Love them! ❤️ isn’t it sooo cute??!!! 

Tuesday night- read a chapter in one of your favorite books📚 my current read- the five love languages!!! Do you know what our spouses love languages are? ( check out my blog- Loving the best way to read more and take a fun little couples quiz)! 👇🏻

Wednesday- do yoga, then take a relaxing bubble bath with lavender salts ( you can add whatever your heart desires) 😀 add some candles and maybe some music! No phone allowed!!! 

Thursday- indulge in some dark chocolate and maybe some girl time or a movie (I mean it’s almost the weekend and I’ve done well… I deserve it) 🍫

Friday- sunbath at the pool- just lay and let your mind be cleansed. ( I would say wear a swimsuit, but if you have a private pool, do your thing) No phone allowed… keep it in your bag, in the car, or inside- this is your time! 👍🏻

Saturday-  do yoga and brunch with maybe your favorite drink 😜 ( mimosa for me)! 

Sunday- take a beautiful Sunday afternoon nap 😴( they’re the best, right?!) 

Monday- We made it!!! Next blog post will be soon about the whole journey and with recipes!! Til then, I hope you join me on this fun adventure! Maybe not the whole vegan thing, unless you want. Remember to allow yourself some time to chill, relax and be rejuvenated… you deserve it! ❤️

9 thoughts on “Wellness for the mind and body! 

  1. All of this sounds so relaxing! I feel like most people often forget about their “me” time and feel drained by the end of the week – or at least I do! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Thank you for reading and you are so welcome! I am trying to do the same for myself too! I realized that I was so busy all the time and I have to schedule me time just like hanging out with friends or events! Totally been worth it for me this week and other times! ❤️❤️

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