I’m Wearing Confidence

In today’s society, how we look, what we wear, how we style our hair has become such a big deal. As a woman, we constantly strive to have the best hair, the perfect body, the best booty, a ton of likes for our pictures that we’ve spent time editing and capturing the best possible image of ourselves, and of course, the most followers on Instagram or on Facebook.  We label ourselves by these things… we say I must not be enough or pretty enough or whatever your saying is… and why?… it’s all based on the numbers! We look at the numbers and we look and compare ourselves to so many other women. I do it too- I am not outside of this conversation, but I don’t want to allow myself to always get into that rut.. it’s so unhealthy.

dave and erin hats.jpg

( Here is a pic of dave and me, with no makeup, at the lake with a hat… lounge style… no filter)

What if instead of always comparing ourselves, we looked at other girls and supported each other. We looked at their beauty and instead of us thinking ” I wish I looked like her,” we began to think… “girl, you got it going on “and began to encouraged them and empower them!

What would happen? Would you feel better?  

Now,  i’m not saying that you can’t look at someone’s profile, their Instagram, or their Facebook and think I should try that out, I love that outfit, wonder what I would look like in that, or be impressed by their posts…. BUT  when it causes you to become jealous or put yourself down in some way, then that is where you have to draw the line. Also, let me ask you…. how boring would the world be if we were all completely the same? We blogged about the same things, we loved the same movies, books, shows, our lives were the same thing all the time, and we loved the same fashions and never steered towards anything else???

Boring… I like the variety! I like seeing different things on others blogs and why???? 

Because we are all different and we all have things that make us special!

Find what makes you special and hold on to it… what makes you unique??? 

Now I’m not saying at all that I have it figured out… i am working on it just like you! But I am becoming more and more confident in who I am because I remember that God loves me so much and thinks the world of me… He says I am His and I am a daughter of the King! I have been dwelling on this a lot more and the more I say it, the more it begins to sink in that no one else’s opinion of me matters… It is only God’s that I should be thinking about. So I will be confident in who I am…. I am confident in the person I am becoming and in the way I look. If I don’t have a million views on my blog or have the best Instagram account, or whatever it may be for you…. I know that I am a Daughter of the King and that gives me confidence!

I recently started a Confidence Campaign for that very reason… I really wanted a shirt that said ” I’m Wearing Confidence,” because it is so important to me to find my confidence in Christ, but to also encourage other women in their journey to discover their Confidence! We all have so many amazing, wonderful talents and abilities and God has gifted us all uniquely to be used to bring positivity and beauty to this world. As I worked on this campaign and laid out the design, I began to think of ways that this could impact others and I decided that I would donate all the proceeds to a domestic violence center in Springfield. I want women to know that they are loved and so much more than their circumstances… I want them to begin to see the beauty that they possess… I want them to be confident within themselves. I know how hard it is for me to be confident sometimes and I have a lot going for me… I have never been abused and have an amazing loving husband and friends- If I struggle with this, how much more would a woman who had or has been in a domestic violence situation struggle with this?

If you feel led to help out with this campaign, there are only 10 days left… then please go to the following website and order your tee/ tank or donate to the cause…. You will be helping mothers and families!!! https://www.bonfire.com/erins-campaign-261/?utm_source=mailgun&utm_medium=daily_fund_report&utm_campaign=fund_profile

erin's confidence campaign

I hope what I said made sense, I am by no means amazing at not looking down on myself or comparing myself to others, but I am working on it and I know that daily if I remember the things that make me ” Me” and what I possess that God can use, I will begin to gain even more confidence and I will be able to impact so many more women and girls! You can do this too…. Next time you’re on Instagram, Facebook, or just looking at someone in the grocery line… maybe post an encouraging comment or give them a compliment! You will feel so much better and you will empower them… it is so much better than comparing- BE CONFIDENT WITHIN YOURSELF- YOU WERE MADE FOR A PURPOSE, FOR A REASON, FIND OUT WHAT IT IS… DON’T BE SOMEONE ELSE… YOU ARE ENOUGH… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 



8 thoughts on “I’m Wearing Confidence

  1. I absolutely love this! Comparison usually doesn’t end in any good thing. We all have our good and bad days, and this morning for some reason I was feelin’ a bad day coming, but your post has been so encouraging, thank you for writing it!!!

    Sydney Meek | MeeklyLoving.wordpress.com

  2. Your “lounging at the lake” look is gorgeous! You don’t need makeup!
    What a wonderful thing you are doing with the Tshirts. A little word of encouragement can truly turn someone’s day around!

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