Our 50’s cocktail summer party! 

Okay, so I absolutely love to throw parties! I love the planning part, shopping for the cute party decorations and putting everything together! I have always enjoyed decorating and planning fun events, ever since I can remember! I get so excited when my vision begins to line up and things look the way I had hoped!  (side note:)Aren’t these seriously the cutest most adorable cookies??!! My friend, Elesha made them! She is fantastic! Follow her on instagram and see her amazing creations!!! @SweetHausBakery

Okay, so I absolutely love to throw parties! I love the planning part, shopping for the cute party decorations and putting everything together! I have always enjoyed decorating and planning fun events, ever since I can remember! I get so excited when my vision begins to line up and things look the way I had hoped!

But if I’m honest, I usually see much more than what I can afford, in my head. I dream big and think about all the amazing things I can get to make the party the cutest party ever, and then I realize my small budget!☹️ It’s a bummer moment for me. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but when I can’t find the perfect thing that I have had in my head or make the event exactly as I pictured it,  I feel disappointed. Even if everyone else loves it, I feel as if I didn’t make it the best it possibly could have been. I’ve been like this for a while, but for this last party I told myself to let go of the disappointment of not finding things I wanted and instead enjoy what I had planned and the whole look! I had to remind myself that no one else could see my vision for the party, so no one else would be disappointed if I didn’t have the exact color preference, or the cutest little cocktail cart, or even sometimes enough room in the apartment!


Well I am happy to tell you it worked!!! My positive pep-talk allowed me to have a sensational time!!!  Ok, ok, enough about me… on with the party details!

So as the school year was wrapping up, I thought it would be so much fun to throw a cute little cocktail summer party, so that’s exactly what I did!

I decided to make it 50’s theme because it was such a fun time period, with lots of great tunes and duh- Grease! I also really love the color schemes of that time… I ended up using a lot of baby pink, baby blue, hot pink, sea foam green, and gold accents to play up the classy element of the party! For the decorations I got them all at… Wait for it… Target! Ya’ll know I am obsessed with Target!

 Your guide to throwing a fabulous 50’s Cocktail Party!!!

Here are those cute cookies again!!! Love them!

What’s in this post: Decorations, plates/cups, 1950’s cocktails we made, and Photobooth with printables.

Things needed for the party: the planning!

Decorations I used!

1. fun hanging re-usuable honeycombs ( I got 3 big ones- hot pink, blue, and the mint green) and then got a package of 5 little ones with different colors)

2. Cute wrapping paper for the backdrop for the photo booth

3. Some fun battery operated string lights ( the bargain bins at Target)

4. Some reusable hanging baby pink fans! These were so cute!!! Baby pink with gold accents!

5. A baby pink table cloth and a sparkly Happy Hour sign (target)

6. The beautiful pink and purple edible flowers I ordered to place in the punch! (don’t actually eat them….😜, we tried them and yuck, kinda sour).

Want your own flowers for a party?? Click this link and shop: http://shop.gourmetsweetbotanicals.com/Edible-Flowers_c3.htm

7. Coca Cola bottles!!! We definitely let people drink them, but having the col brand around helped with the 50’s feel!

The before shot with only the containers and plates! 

Dining plates/ Drinking cups! 

1.  Cute flamingo side plates( in the bargain bins at Target) for the cute cookies or smaller appetizers

2. Bigger gold paper plates for the bigger food items
Cups/glasses- I found some small 3-4″ mason jars to make the cocktails in (target bargain bins) and some plastic sparkly champagne flutes. (Target)

3. Cute flamingo paper straws (target bargain bin)

4. Some stirrers that day “cheers” ( Target bargain bin)
❤️🙌🏻Can you tell how much I love Target, yet???

Cocktails we made!!! These were all 1950’s cocktails and they were great!!!

Cocktail list and items needed:

Bay Breeze- Vodka, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, ice cubes, and a lime to garnish.

Classic Mojito- mint leaves, limes, sugar, white Rum, club soda and ice cubes.

Tom Collins- gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda.

Jack and coke- exactly what it says…😂

Here are the recipes:  The Girl’s Drinks!

The Guy’s Drinks!

Here are some fun pics from the party!

Links to find these cute photo props under all the photo booth pics! (Below)

Couple Poses


The Girls

Music Everywhere that night! My hubby made the sea-foam guitar (under) Amazing right?!

Are ya ready for the photo booth prop links??!!!

Photo booth props were from Pinterest!

Here are a couple links:  thanks to https://www.kristendukephotography.com/summer-photo-booth-props-free-printables/

And http://www.pequeocio.com/photocall-casero-fiestas-infantiles/?utm_source=Pequeocio+Newsletter&utm_campaign=427ebdf5c1-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3f70684ed9-427ebdf5c1-388729001



💕The party was so much fun and a huge success thanks to my amazing friends for coming and being a part!!!! 💕🌸


Cheers to your summer parties!!! Be creative, have fun!!!! 🍹

3 thoughts on “Our 50’s cocktail summer party! 

  1. This party is seriously SO cute!! I am such a big fan of themed parties and getting all dressed up for a fun night in with friends! You can just see the happiness from you and your guests in every single on of these pictures! Your friend did an amazing job on those cookies, too! I don’t even know which one is my favorite, I would have had to eat them all! 😉 The coke bottle was SO creative! I will definitely be making the “Bay Breeze” drink this summer, too, thank you for that recipe! You definitely did an amazing job putting together this party and capturing so many fun moments. What a fun way to kick off the summer! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Stephanie… i Just realized I never replied??!!! How weird! Thank you so much for posting a comment and reading! i had a wonderful time planning and executing this event! I love hosting people and creating events/ planning fun outings and parties! I am so glad you enjoyed reading and yes, you should most definitely try the “Bay Breeze” drink! So good!!! I will always cherish the pictures and the fun that my group has… I have a great group of friends… so blessed!

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