Edible flowers for your next party!!!πŸ˜‰

So the hubby and I love throwing parties, πŸŽ‰even though our apartment is quite tiny! Nevertheless, I get such a joy and boost of energy when I get to plan and execute a party! Even being asked to help plan others parties or events, I get so giddy!!! Well searching for some awesome ideas, I came across a blog that was talking about edible flowers and of course, I was intrigued!!! I had seen flowers used in salads and beautiful drinks and wondered where people found these flowers… I mean, I couldn’t just go to the back yard and pick flowers and place them in my food, could I? Ok, well maybe you could, but first of all I live in an apartment, so I would have to run around to other people’s yards and gather flowers, which I’m pretty sure is frowned upon πŸ˜‰ and I would be unsure if the flowers could poison me or my guests… not great! So, knowing these things, I began my journey to find these amazing edible flowers and I found them!!! I ordered them Tuesday and was a little nervous I ordered too late for a party on Friday, but the website said “order and it would ship next day”… ok!  And this morning I woke up and it was here!!! So are you ready, I am going to share the website with you… have fun and plan an awesome party this summer to try them out!!! Aren’t they beautiful??!!!! 

Here’s the website: _http://shop.gourmetsweetbotanicals.com/Edible-Flowers_c3.htm

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