The must-haves for a fashionable pool day

Teachers and students are out for the summer… hallelujah!!! One of my favorite things to do over the summer is to go to the pool! Whether I go alone and take in the sun while catching up on some reading, have a fun day with the hubby, or enjoy the fabulous pool and sun with the girls, there are a couple things that will make you feel amazing at the pool! 

The best swimsuit for your body! There are so many choices of swimsuits now a days and even the once horrid one piece has become cute, giving you even more options. It is best to know your body and what makes your comfortable… this is so important! If you aren’t comfortable, you will feel uneasy and awkward the whole time. Maybe the small string bikini šŸ‘™ works for the young 20 something, but don’t feel like you have to wear that to look great or have eyes drawn to you! The most important thing to wear is confidence and that will happen when you feel great in your swimsuit! 

For me, I have a more athletic body and am more bottom heavy than top. I am also more conservative and I remember so many times that I would think… ” I could wear a string bikini and it would be fine if my butt cheeks kinda hung out..” ummm wrong! I was so self conscious! Because I have a more athletic body, I can wear a lot of different swimsuits, but I think the best on me are the halter top swimsuits and the flowy ruffle bikini tops! And for the bottoms I usually just stick to a conservative bikini bottom, no strings for me!!! Lol! So how do you know the perfect swimsuit for your body? 

1. It is whatever makes you feel real good and confident

2.  Figure out what style will flatter your body the best! A great blog on the perfect swimsuit for your body is:

Pear Shape- you are curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on top. 

What to look for: you need to balance your proportions and get the coverage you need for the bottom half. Try not to get a boy short or thick-banded bottom- it will only draw more attention to your “badonkadonk”… I mean unless your want too!  A plunging neckline may be just what you need to help balance or a cut out one piece that draws the eye upward! This is a super cute one piece from Forever 21-

Large Bust- You will definitely want some more support, but a little cleavage is great! 

What to look for: support is key!! Underwire or molded cups are gonna be your best friend! Avoid ruffles or embellishments that draw the attention upward and to your chest if you are hoping to minimise the focus. Swimsuit from Modcloth!

Small bust- your chest is an A or B. Totally me šŸ˜‰

What to look for: less support, ruffles, bows, details and bolder patterns that will draw the eye! Triangle tops create an illusion of curves, padded or push up tops can offer some extra lift and make your look bigger. Scoop tops or bandeaus are great for you! Love this cute swimsuit from Express!!!

Athletic – you are more straight up and down, few curves. 

What to look for: things that play up your curves! Tie-side bikinis, smaller bottoms, and a monokini may help create the illusion of more curves.  Another forever 21 suit! 

The cutest pool bag!!! 

I love to buy new pool bags or cute summer bags that can be used for lots of fun outings and days in the sun! I always look for bigger bags because you never know what you might want to bring and I’m usually the one in my group that has everything! One of my favorite bags is the one I bought last summer from Target!!! Ya’ll know I love Target! ā¤ļø I love the pattern and the colors!!! 

Some rocking sunnis!!! I love sun glasses and I have probably too many, but really can you have too many šŸ˜‰. Pool days are for rocking the fun sunnies- the bright, vibrant, mirror-reflecting ones!!! I buy really fun cheap sunnies that I know will look great at the pool but I don’t have to worry if they drop or get a little scratched!  

A cute hat to look chic and keep your face from gettting too much sun!!!  

Check out this blog for some awesome ideas: 

Target has a lot of cheaper cute summer hats… take a look! 
And of course some sunblock… the worst thing is not putting it on and getting fried… Been there, not fun at all!!! 

Happy pooling to you all!!! 

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