One of my favorite TV shows ever would have to be “Friends!” I just love it! I love the fact that these almost strangers became best friends through living in the same apartment building. They lived life together sharing in each others heart break, excitement, and day to day dramas. First off, I love the show because it is hilarious!  The characters parts were written so well and they execute their roles seamlessly, and the situations that the characters find themselves in are so relate-able and funny.  Second, I love that each of the friends has their own personality and style and the group understands each person’s role within the group.  Monica is the clean freak chef and “mom” of the group, Rachel is the flirty fashion enthusiast and Monica’s best friend from childhood, Phoebe is the flower child of the group with her self-taught music skills and massage therapist job, Chandler is the business man who is always dressed nice and no one quite understands his job,  Ross is Monica’s older brother and a paleontologist and would be the nerdy guy of the group, and Joey is the aspiring actor and comedian of the group. While all of the friends are so different, they all are able to compliment each other and they understand their place within their group. This is exactly how my friend group is… I am seriously blessed to live life with the best group of friends.

Here is our “Friends” story: It all began at Evangel University!!! We all came to the University from different places within the U.S. – Chicago, Kansas City, North Carolina, and Missouri and one from Nicaragua. We all are very different, but it works for our group and we all compliment each other similar to the characters of “Friends”.. that’s what happens when you’ve been best friends with each other for a decade.  Most of us met our freshman year where many of the girls lived in the same dorm… I was from another dorm, but got adopted into the group.

Cat is my chill friend, she enjoys relaxing and of course napping. She is the friend that I can talk with about everything and she is the one that I go to first about life situations.

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Sara is the mother hen of the group, she is the planner and the one that helps us stay organized in our plans. Sara is also one of the queens of fashion and styling… she is always up to date with the newest trends and her favorite shop is H&M.

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Kel is the fun, vibrant, and loudest of the friends with high energy. She is an encouraging friend who will sit and listen to you and she makes a mean “sex on the beach.”

Image may contain: 3 peopleEmily is the carefree, go with the flow, outdoor/nature and fashion girl. She is currently working on her photography company and is creating some really amazing photo shoots.

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Rebecca is the silly, fun loving, and quirky friend who is a great hostess and taught me to love red wine. She is super artsy and makes incredible vibrant paintings. And She just completed her Masters Degree in Counseling… So incredibly proud of her.

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Felicia is the loyal, sweet and sassy friend who loves the outdoors and she has a heart for people. She has one of the greatest smiles and loves to laugh. I met her later on after Evangel and am so glad that she became a part of the group.

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Anna became a part of the group after Evangel as well. She is one of the sweetest friends and is always there for you when you are in need or sick. She really cares and she is an amazing cook!

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These women are amazing mothers and wives, or soon to be! And one thing that I really love about our group is that we are all determined, diligent, and life-long learners. Many of us have our Masters degrees or are returning to school to get another degree.

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We have been through so much life together… whether it be graduating and beginning our “Big girl jobs,” getting engaged, getting married, returning to school, fun events and performances of each others, the births of baby’s, or just hanging out on any given weekend or Monday night watching “The Bachelor.” These ladies have become my family and I truly love each and every one of them for the wonderful friendship that they have given me.

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Let me take you down memory lane:

Image may contain: 9 people, people smilingHere’s a pic of a couple of us at a Valentine’s Girls dinner we planned at Olive Garden.


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We like football but totally enjoy being with each other, eating good food and taken cute pics way more!

7 years ago at one of the fun event nights at Evangel- Spring Fling- Disco! Love our expressions!!! lol

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Bachelor Nights!!! These are some of my all time favorite nights with the girls!

Image may contain: 2 peopleAnd we love to throw parties: Christmas parties, New Year parties, Birthday parties, Oscar/ Academy awards parties, Halloween… pretty much all parties!

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I decided to go vintage… I wore a black velvet dress with beads, elbow length black silk gloves, my grandmother’s mink, and of course diamonds ( well fake ones).

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The Halloween Party Dave and I threw. It was such a fun night! Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling

We have been through a lot together and I love them so much!!!! Thank you, God for bringing these amazing women into my life! 


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