Mother’s are the best

I have always known that I had the best mom, but after teaching for a little while I began to realize really how incredible she was and is.  There are so many students that I have had that don’t have the support I have had from my parents or the encouragement that I have had.  We all grow up with a norm and my norm was having both of my parents attend all of my concerts and special events, take me out for special evenings, and constantly encourage me in who I am and pursuing my dreams.  They taught me well and gave me lots of advise and wisdom.  Because I grew up in such an amazing home, I many times took it for granted. I have realized this as I have grown and I am so much more appreciative to my parents for who they are and how they raised me. I am so much more appreciative of my mom and the person that she is.

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First off, my mom is like the nicest, most genuine person you will ever meet! She loves to make people feel good and encouraged by giving little notes, smiling and asking people how they are doing- She continually blesses those that know her. Okay, so here’s something really amazing about my mom is that she goes out of her way to write a cute little valentine for all the people that she works with… well most of them… and she has been doing this for years now! She works hard on everything in her life no matter what it is!  She even works for a Lawyer that has never kept his secretaries for more than a year because he is very particular and wants things done to his standard. Well my mom has been his secretary for about 10 years now and she is the best secretary he has ever had and she gets top marks on her yearly reviews, which I think speaks volumes about her work ethic and determination to always do a good job. All of her bosses love her and shower her with lots of presents for Christmas and Secretaries day. isnt she pretty

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As my mom and friend, she is someone that I love to talk with and confide in… someone I love to share things with about my day or about life events. She is loving and caring and is always looking out for our best interest. I really appreciate that about her now, but I will admit when I was in middle school and high school, it annoyed me. She would always call and remind me of things, but I began to realize that she wanted the best for me and it amazed me how she was able to call me, Erik and Emily and give us details about appointments or things we needed to get done by certain times. How the heck do mom’s know their own schedule and their husband’s schedule and have time to keep up with their kids schedules and make sure everything gets done?!!! I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with my crazy schedule and there are no kids in the picture yet. They are superheros!!!  And I love that my mom is on social media… she is always one of the first to like, love or comment on my photos or posts! It always puts a smile on me! She is pretty good when it comes to Facebook, but learning about the other medias like Instagram was pretty hilarious… I’m sure some of you can relate!

baby charlie with family
When baby Charlie was born- the first visit to California
Blast from the past
emily's graduation
Emily’s graduation

I just have to tell this story because it was seriously the funniest thing… So my mom signed up for Instagram and began looking at my Instagram and my sisters… I called her and said ” I didn’t know you were on Instagram… ” She replied with.,.. ” I’m not, I’m just looking at pictures..” to which I had replied… ” No, mom… you have an account and you are ” liking pictures.” – There was a pause and she said.. ” What do you mean? ”  I had to tell her that she was liking my pictures and my sisters boyfriends pics and some of those were of him with no shirt on…Well, she thought that she could enlarge the pictures to see more clearly but the picture wasn’t just enlarging, it was taking her “Tapping and stretching” as “liking” the picture. After I told her this, she began cracking up and I could hear my dad on the other side in the back ground laughing so hard and reiterating what my mom was doing… She had no idea and then was like… ” How do I get the likes back?”  O social media websites… how dare you all be so different! lol! I was dying laughing.

I am far away from my mom and hate that I will not get to spend time with her for mother’s day, but I always like to get her a card and let her know how special she is to me. My mom is a superhero! She is kind, loving, caring, determined, dedicated, smart, encouraging, a planner, funny, beautiful, and most important- A godly woman! She has encouraged me so much and I am so glad that I have had her as my mom to look up to all my life, to ask questions, to invest time in, to be taught life lessons, and to watch her in her walk with Christ and dream of being the same one day for my family. She is a true role model in every way! Love you, Mom- Happy Mother’s Day!

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