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Sitting outside on the porch again on this beautiful day, thinking about the seasons in my life, what makes me happy and who I am lately, and who God says I am, I have been asking myself what will be said of my life when I am gone? I put so much pressure on myself, my career and my goals and ambitions, that sometimes I get clouded and don’t think past those things. I allow the frustrations of the day to continue with me and I sit and dwell on things. Now, sometimes that is good, because you are working through a problem or you are wanting to make something better and brainstorming- but other times it serves you no purpose.

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This statement is what God is saying to me, but is also something that I wish all my students could know- how special they are to God and to me.

I want to be a good teacher and be with it, know my craft and always try to teach to the best of my ability, but that’s not what I want my grave to read: Here lies the best teacher! I was recently reminded that life is more than the things we do, it is who we are and it is how  we make others feel. Although I know this statement to be true, it was in that moment that I realized… “Yes- so true, I don’t have to try so hard or worry when things don’t happen my way, instead I need to remember to make all of my students feel special.”

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In an effort to find more happiness and create more joy in my classroom, this week and next I am writing students small notes and passing them out in class. I hope that these little reminders will make my students smile and know even more how much I care about them. I have only done this the last 2 days, but I have loved seeing the students read the hand written comment cards and watch as their face would light up and a smile would peak through. Here are some of the comments I have done so far:

 I love having you in class! Mrs. Ross

You make me laugh and it makes me happy! Mrs. Ross

You are a great leader and I appreciate your Hardwork! Mrs. Ross

I love when you smile… it makes me happy! Mrs. Ross


I want to be remembered as a loving wife, who cared and loved deeply. Who always built Dave up and encouraged him to pursue his dreams, being his #1 cheerleader. Who always listened and made time for him and made him feel like the only one that mattered. Who respected him, laughed with him, cherished him, and cried with him. I want to be remembered one day in the future as the best mom, not because of all the cute Pinterest parties I can/ will throw, or the many things I did, but because I loved my kids and believed in them. And of course, the coolest most loving and fun Aunt there is to all my nieces and nephews.

 My brother’s daughter, Charlie. Me and Maylia, Lucas, Sam, Anna, Abby, and Colten, (Baby) Cora ( Although she is older now),  and Travis! 

I want to be remembered as a gImage may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and indoorreat friend, the one that you could tell anything to and they would keep your secret safe, the one that could give you wisdom if asked, the one who would always lift you up, but would be willing to speak from the heart and push you, the one that you could cry on their shoulders, the one that you could laugh with and be silly. 


I want to be remembered as the daughter my parents are proud of and so glad is their daughter. I want to be the sister that my brother and sister look up to, come to for advise, and know that I love them soooo much.

Pics missing my brother… 🙁

Pic of me and my bro about 3 years ago… we’ve seen each other but always forget to get some pics ;( 


Image result for teachers encouraging studentsI want to be remembered as the teacher that encourages my students, pushes them to dream, and teaches them life lessons that they will use forever. I want them to be inspired and excited about music and life and what they can accomplish when they put their mind to something.

I want to be remembered by all as the Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend and Teacher who cared and encouraged at all times, whose heart beat after God til the end.

Do you empower people? Do you encourage them to always do their best or work the hardest they can to achieve? Are you a good friend, mother, wife? These are the things that will make a lasting impact and the things that we should all want.

Everyday is not given to us… we never know when our day will be up. Choose to live life with Joy and I challenge you to do something for others this week just to promote happiness and kindness. Maybe it is leaving a nice note for someone, paying for someone in the Starbucks line, or helping someone out with something, whatever it is… you will surely see a smile and make a heart happy.

Something to think about the rest of the week 😉

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