Spring has sprung in the Ozarks!

The Last couple days have been absolutely beautiful here in the Ozarks. The birds have been chirping, the sun has been shining accompanied by a nice breeze, and the beauty of nature is truly breathtaking. I’m currently sitting on my porch enjoying the sound of my pretty chime and soaking up this incredible weather. The only thing that could make it even better would be sitting outside on the back porch of a house- I am currently still an apartment dweller.


My husband and I have lived in the same apartment since we got married… and I actually lived in it 2 years prior. I have, in a way, become very comfortable with apartment living and our place since it is all we have ever known. I like the convenience factor of not having to cut our grass, or manage the property, or pay to get things fixed or replaced. I like the cable and  WiFi bundle package that comes with being a renter. I also really enjoy having a pool and a hot tub to use during the summers. That is one of my favorite parts! While all these things are great, I still find myself dreaming about what it will be like to own our first home, heck- even rent our own home!!!!

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I absolutely love watching HGTV and Fixer Upper- Chip and Joanna are my Heroes!!!! I have so many ideas about the color schemes, accessories, layouts, and decor I would want to use in our home. I have thought about the fixtures and the way I want my house to feel, and most of all about the incredible parties I can one day host.

I love…

I love throwing parties for whatever! It could be a birthday party, Halloween party, or a just for fun party. One of my favorite things is to plan parties, to decorate for them and to execute the party- I have so much fun getting to be creative and make everything elaborate and exquisite. One of my favorite parties that Dave and I hosted at our tiny apartment was the Oscar Party of 2016! It was so much fun to recreate the red carpet, dress up in our fancy dresses and suits, eat AMAZING hourderves and food ( potluck style- seriously the best), and watch the Oscars with my best friends.

all glamthe whole crew

I am the queen of fun photo booth props with my friends and I usually am asked to make them for fun events- I enjoy it so much! But, to live in a house, where I have more space to decorate, more space for guests, and we have a back yard that we can use for cook outs- Sign me up!!!! A house,  of course, is more than just a place to host parties. It is a place where your personality can be seen, it is a place to feel safe and comfortable, it is a place to grow a family, it is a place to dream, it is a place to be creative, it is a place to enjoy, and it is a place to make memories.

Dave home is whereand I have made some great memories in our tiny apartment, and we will hold those near and dear to our hearts, but I am ready for my dreams to become a reality. I am ready to find the cutest little home and fill it with the greatest memories. To enjoy my backyard on gorgeous days like today, as I take in the beauty of nature and the sound of my wind chime dancing in the wind.

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