Leaving a legacy

The word ” teacher” evokes a lot of really great feelings for me… not just because I am one, but more because of the impact that many have had on my life.  Today as I was teaching lessons, I had that strange moment of realizing what I was actually doing. It’s not that I haven’t thought about the fact that I am teaching and molding lots of students, but it was the kind of thoughts I was having today that gave me a ” Wow” moment. I realized that I have students who come to my house for me to teach them just like my violin testudio studentsacher and my piano teacher did . I know, I know… you’re like… duh?! Why is that such a Wow moment?!

It was a “Wow” moment because in that brief time of me looking and listening to my violin student playing her piece, I was almost transported back to my violin teachers studio, remembering the words she had told me and thinking about the impact that she had on me and wondering and hoping I am having the same impact on my students. And it brought me to that cool moment of seeing that life is coming full circle.

Picture of some of my students at the Studio Recital in December!

Judy Koster was one of those great teachers who made an impact on my life. She was my violin teacher from the beginning of my middle school years, through high school. She always pushed the students in her studio and knew the best way to teach us all. I remember practicing and practicing for my lessons, the 20-30 min drive to her house with my parents, that soon turned into my drive, and the 45 min that I spent in  my lessons.

Now, I was a teenager and although I was dedicated, I was also involved in a lot of things and sometimes I didn’t practice as much as I should… I know, shocking, right?!! A teenager not doing what they are supposed to do… lol! Well, when I didn’t practice, I thought i would be able to out smart my teacher… “She’ll never know… I’ll just be really focused and try my hardest.” Wrong! She could see right through the bull and those lessons were not fun. But I think some of those moments where the learning moments for me… they were the moments that I realized I had a duty to my teacher and myself… they were the moments that I hated disappointing her… they were the moments that pushed me to do better… they were the moments that brought me to where I am today!


( This picture was taken right after I had the opportunity to perform “Ziguenweisen” with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Kansas City… Judy is to my right! The man on my left was my piano teacher, Steve Berg… blog on him soon.)

The funny thing is now I sit in a chair, at my house where students come to have lessons, just like I did with Judy. They come to listen to what I have to say and  to learn from me… And hopefully I can leave a legacy.





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