Spring Cleaning

IMG_8710It’s that time again in with the new, out with the old. A time to get rid of things, organize, and get your house in shape. It’s Spring Cleaning time! I am not one that enjoys cleaning… and with my crazy schedule there is not a lot of time to do it. I have gotten better at trying to pick things up as I go throughout the week, but the house still seems to get cluttered and fast.

* Side note- I love Clorox Disinfecting Wipes!!!

My sister-in-law, Katelyn Hefta, has been blogging about minimalism- organizing her closet and drawers and evaluating what she and her family really need! I have decided to join her on this journey… however, I will have to do it in baby steps… It will be hard!

I totally agree with the steps…. amazing… do them! They work! Straight from her blog:

  1. Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit you
  2. Get rid of all clothes with stains &holes. ( including undergarments).
  3. Get rid of everything and anything that doesn’t make you feel confident and/or good looking.  Get rid of old t-shirts that have ‘sentimental value’. ( Totally going to try and make a quilt with mine this summer… DIY journey)
  4. Get rid of any shoes that you haven’t worn in 6 months (except for the seasonal shoes.)
  5. Try to limit yourself to only your ‘needs’. ( Not sure on this one!!!)

Now here is the hard part!!!

Here are the items she said to keep: (straight from her blog, except for my comments in red 😉 )

  1. 7 T-shirts ( Alright- I could do this… will keep more for the quilt!):)
  2. 8-10 bottoms ( 1 light jean, 1 Dark Jean, 1 casual pant, 1-2 dress pants ( not same color,) 1 maxi skirt, 1 Dressy Skirt, 2 Jean Shorts, 1 Casual Shorts) – Not too bad, I could do that! 
  3. 4 Tank Tops ( Getting harder)
  4. 3 Sweaters ( Yikes! I love Sweaters… probably too much! )
  5. 2 Sweat shirts ( ok! I got this one.)
  6. 3 Nice Tops ( hmmm I may need 10-15 nice tops… I’m a teacher.)
  7. 3 Casual Tops( how do I limit myself to only 3?!)
  8. 5 Dresses (1 black dress, 2 long sleeve dresses, 2 short sleeve or no sleeve dresses, 2 party dresses)- Wow! This is extremely tough!!!! 
  9. Active Wear (2 tops, 2 pants, 1 shorts, 2 swimsuits)
  10. Loungewear (2 P.J’s, 1 Tank top, 1 short sleeve top, 1 long sleeve top, 1 comfy top, 1 comfy pant, 1 comfy short.) ( I think I can do this one… but again, how do I choose? )

Ok, so it’s just stuff right?!!! Why is it so hard then?!!

I am really proud of Kate… She was able to do this and her closet looks amazing. Can i do that?! I absolutely love clothes! Like all types of clothing and I love being able to interchange pieces to make my outfits always look different. But would life be better with less? The “Less is more” or the minimalist idea is one that I know many people have been talking about lately and a subject that I would like to explore more. But baby steps all the way!!!

I couldn’t tackle all this today, but I did find some items to get rid of… Go Me!!! AND! I cleaned out the drawers and the cabinets under the bathroom sink!!! They really needed to be organized! I threw away so many things that I haven’t used in forever and items that are expired. I organized my makeup, threw away old makeup and put like items together.

Before…. Complete Disaster!





I organized the bathroom cabinets and drawers, my studio, and got rid of clothes… I think it was a successful Sunday and beginning of my Spring Cleaning.

Currently waiting for the Laundry to be done and watching “Manchester by the Sea,” with the Hubby!

Wanna join me and Kate and get your place in order? Follow my journey and tips on keeping your house cleaned and organized and follow Kate’s blog to hear more! http://katehefta.wordpress.com


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