Cozy Saturday Morning!

Hello from the our bedroom!

Jk… Actually this is my bedroom… I really love it! It is so tranquil and peaceful and I love the bohemian feel!


So thankful for a Saturday morning to get to sleep in, lounge in my p.j’s while watching Downton Abbey AND enjoying my coffee!!!! I also made a breakfast sandwich this morning! These sandwiches are seriously the easiest things to make and they taste SOOOOO good! All you need is a bagel or english muffin, some eggs, bacon, turkey bacon or sausage patties!!! My breakfast sandwich was an egg cooked medium or over easy, with turkey bacon on an english muffin! AND I am so excited to say that I made the egg perfect this time- the yolk was still dippy!!!! And i am using my awesome tray table that I got from Dave for Christmas… Breakfast in bed! O Yes!

good morning


breakfastThe Awesome Breakfast Sandwich I made!!!!

perfect sandwich

Got a crazy day ahead with a Symphony practice and then the performance tonight! I am blessed to get to perform in general, but when you get the chance to perform with some of the greatest people, that’s when you are extremely blessed!

Gonna relax a little more while I can! Enjoy your Saturday everyone!!! Remember to take some time to relax and be still!


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