Music Inspires- Day 4

Sitting in my classroom reading all the beautiful comments of my students on why music is important to them and why they want it to remain in the schools, and I am overwhelmed! They took their time to write from their heart and they are inspiring me!!!! I talk to my students about playing from the heart and playing passionately for themselves, but also to give an amazing performance. The most amazing performances I have been a part of or have seen are those that I can tell the people involved are passionate about what they are doing and it is conveyed in their playing. Beethoven said ” To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without PASSION is inexcusable.”


My student Charles definitely has a way with words. He is just a 7th grader, but i love what he wrote: Music is very important to many people in my school, including me. Music helps create skills and good habits to carry into adulthood. Music stops boredom, and makes passion.Passion for art. Music is more than noise it is art. People using their brains to entertain and to make the most beautiful sounds. Music is important, as math or science, helping shape the mind, as it’s ok to have fun, and learn at the same time. It’s ok to enjoy your classes while you make art. Music is art, made by the mind and the hands working in tandem to create heaven for the ears. Making music helps the brain and muscles relax, letting students enjoy much more than curriculum. Making music is a privilege that is so important to the minds and people in this school, whether it is,singing, playing a band instrument, or being in orchestra. Music is important to me because, it’s has kept my mind off of the world that is today. Not diminishing your life, just hiding it long enough to enjoy it. Music isn’t something you always carry into adulthood, but it should be cherished while you are young, and have the time. Music isn’t something you give up.Even if you take the the instrument, or the means, the music, and the passion does not leave.Music may be taken from the person, but the person can not be taken from the music. Without music, passion is much harder to find. Music has been passed down so long over so much time,to be thrown away. The music does not live, but the passion for it cannot be killed. You can cancel the program, but the music and the passion will follow us until we find it’s body once again. Please don’t cancel these programs because they mean so much to each and every person who participates. Giving emotion and a creed to those without. Music is a family where everyone is helped. Picked up and dusted off and pushed into a world no human can imagine.Outsiders do not understand that every note a beacon and beautiful sound that the brain wishes ever so to make. Music is more than an instrument and talent, it is pure passion, of the holders.These programs mean so much to us and is a martyr of hope and passion in our lives. Please do not take that from us.”

He gets it!!!! It is about the Passion and love of music! Feeling accomplished, learning while having fun!

With so many arts educational programs being shut down around the U.S., we (educators, students, administrators, parents, lover of the arts) have to come together and fight back! Our students need these classes!!! They deserve these classes!  How can you help? You can donate to the give a note foundation!!! Here.

What will your donated money go to? The following: 

Give a Note:

  • provides grants to school music programsGreatNonP
  • gathers data on the availability and accessibility of music education programs across the country,
  • conducts an annual awareness raising event – the Music In Our Schools Tour – celebrating teachers, students and school communities that embrace the positive power of music education.

Other Ideas to Get Involved:

  • Share photos of how ‘Music Inspires’ you and your students on Instagram using #‎MIOSM and#MusicInspires and tag @NAfME for your chance to WIN free giveaways!


Tjazz combooday in the orchestra class I had 3 different performers!!! I had a jazz combo with a Bassist and an electric guitar and my friend, Ann played Cello.  Both were so fun and the students loved it!

I enjoyed getting to watch the performers today! Sometimes it’s just fun to be an observer!
Here is Randy, the guitarist soloing for the students.

Here is the Jazz band combo performing!

Right after the Jazz combo, Ann performed some cello. Ann has always played violin but due to shoulder problems and a couple surgeries, she was told that she needed to stop playing violin. Her doctor suggested that she take up the cello and that’s exactly what she did!


Here is a clip of her performance:

I have been so blessed this week to be able to showcase some of my friends in my classes and hopefully inspire my students just a little more!

Here are some more writings from my orchestra students!!!! 

” Music should be a part of everybody’s lives, because it has such a big impact. Music is important to me in many different ways, it has changed my life, just being able to play the violin. I’ve learned to actually appreciate the effect music has on people. But as well as being able to play an instrument, music helps your mental health too. It gives you ways to relax, and calm yourself. Music should be a program in every school, because it has the greatest influence on a student. When I first learned, I was introduced to the beauty of music. Every student should get that opportunity, no matter where they go to school.”- Madilyn

“Why music is important to me is because it improves my mood a lot. I may be angry orsad before orchestra class, but whenever I walk into the orchestra room, it’s like I can just be myself and put my bunched up emotions into playing the music. It also helps me connect to people in a way that builds better relationships. I feel like I’ve made good friendships with some of my classmates because of orchestra, and if I stop playing music with those people I’ve made friends with, I feel like the connection between us would not be as strong. Why it is important to keep music in schools is because it helps in everyday lives, for example, it helps improve our math skills because math and music are best friends. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. They complement each other. That’s why music is important in our schools.”-Susan

” Music is important to me in many ways it helps me relieve stress, it revels my real self, and it makes me feel free like I can do anything. That´s why I’m glad that we have music in our schools because we get to have breaks from our core classes and make music. I couldn’t imagine being in a school without music it would be a sad and lonely place, but imagine living in a world with no music it would be like living with no purpose. We are lucky to have music in our school and our world so take an advantage of it!”- April

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