“Music Inspires!” Day 1 of Music in Our Schools


I love to do things out of the box! I want my students to always be passionate and excited about their learning! I also strive to inspire them every day in my teaching style, as well as, just being my passionate music self.

This week I will be having musicians from the Springfield area and other teachers in my building guest star in my orchestra classes.  Today was the 1st day, and it was exciting!!! It was exciting for me, because this might be one of the 1st times some of my students have heard professional musicians play solos or duets. AND it was super exciting for my students!!!

In preparation for this day, I have sent out emails, Facebook messages, text messages, and called people asking if they would be willing to share their talents with my classes. Then came figuring out when they were available and if it would work for my classes. I had to be very strategic!

Friday- Johnna 

Monday- Coach Casey and Kirsten Weiss (Duets)

Tuesday- Me performing some Celtic Fiddle

                 Kelly Hammarlund Duet and Cello Solo

Wednesday- Cynthia Rose (Duet)- The Bach Double

Thursday- (Tentative) Amy G and Carla H. ( carver teachers)

                   Amy Davvy Cello Solos

              (Tentative)  Dony and his  Jazz Combo

Friday-  Kelly Owens (Duet)

The schedule is set!!!! Hallelujah!

Last Friday Afternoon my private violin student from Drury University came to perform for my violin students. She was the first of my special guests! My 6th Grade violinists loved hearing her perform and had many questions for her after her performance.


Monday – Coach Casey and Me AND Kirsten Weiss and Me

Shout out to Coach Casey, the 8th Grade Social Studies teacher for coming in this morning and performing on of Telemann’s Canonic Sonatas with me. She has played violin since she was in 7th Grade, got her degree in violin performance, taught some violin/ viola lessons for a while and decided she liked teaching so much that she wanted to teach Social Studies. She is a great teacher and well respected in the school… My 8th Graders had no idea that she could play the violin! The second she walked in, there were so many questions and confused looks. It was hilarious! Teachers do have lives outside of school and sometimes they might just be a “closet violinist.” 🙂

Coach Casey came back and performed with me at the beginning of my 6th Grade violin class. The students were such great listeners and were really soaking it all in.

The second performer of the day happens to be one of my talented friends in Symphony, Kirsten Weiss. She is an incredible violinist and violist!  Kirsten began learning the violin at the age of 4 years old and has loved it ever since. She plays at such a high level and continues to impress and amaze me with her talents. She is Concertmaster of the Drury Civic Symphony, the community orchestra in Springfield, and is Principal Violist for the Springfield Symphony, and she can be found also performing for the operas, at weddings, and other kirstenspecial events around Springfield. She came out to perform for my 6th Grade high and low strings! Again, the students were impressed and amazed! It was such a joy to get to perform with both wonderful ladies!

*side note- If you are looking for some great pieces to perform, I would recommend the Canonic Sonatas, as well as, pieces out of the book ” Beautiful music for Two instruments.”I believe the book comes in 4 volumes. Love this book because both parts get exciting parts and play the melody at different times.

All 3 of the performers talked about their love of music and what music has done in their lives. As we prepared for our guest musicians, I had my students write why music is important to them and what impact it has had on their lives. I will be sharing a few of these tomorrow on my blog! Here is a small clip of Mine and Ms. Casey’s performance from today- Enjoy 🙂

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