Sunday Funday!!!!

Happy Sunday, Ya’ll!!! Hope you are all having a fantastic day! Sundays are for worshiping Jesus, cuddling, relaxing, eating really well, farmer’s markets or walks, and lounging around in your most comfy pants and tees! Looking for some cute tees… take a look at these tees… here or here 

And Sundays are for inspiration… Enjoy!

more flowers

sunday funday 2


Inspiration for your day and week!!! I absolutely love this quote from Bonnie L. Mohr… I bought a painting of a tree that had this quote underneath! This may just be one of my favorite quotes of all times… makes me enjoy the little things in life!

Marinate on these words!

living life.jpeg

Great words, right?!!!!

How will you take time for yourself today?! It is super important for you to take some time for yourself and get refreshed before the week ahead!

Here’s what I have lined up and some things you could try!

I am enjoying  HGTV this morning… getting lots of design ideas! Here are 3 easy things you can do to make your home feel more cozy and homey!

  1. Add some candles! My personal favorite candles are the WoodWick Candles!!! First, they have incredible scents, look beautiful and illuminate the room, and my favorite…. they “crackle as they burn.” I have always loved fireplaces, and living in an apartment doesn’t allow me to have one yet- BUT when I burn my WoodWick candles, I get the crackling calming sound of the fireplace! Love it! woodwickYou can find these candles at most stores, but my favorite place to find them are at Bed, Bath and Beyond! Or you could go straight to the source… here
  2. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and while outside, pick out some beautiful flowers and create a pretty centerpiece for your table. Super easy and Beautiful! Or go to the farmer’s market and pick out a beautiful bouquet!!! Look at this beauty that I bought at the Springfield Farmer’s Market- Farmer’s Market Park!

flowers- farmers park

3.Create a cozy nook where you can read and relax! Buy a cute chair, add a small blanket and a lamp and you are set! There are lots of places to buy cute chairs… I bought my gray chair from IKEA  in St. Louis! Wish we had one here… LOVE THAT STORE. Although it would be bad for my wallet! haha… I posted a pic of the chair from Christmas because i just love the sparkle and beauty of Christmas decorations!

christmas tree and chair

So there you have it… a couple ideas to make your house become a home!!! And remember a home is where the heart is and where the family is!

My Plans for the rest of today- Headed out to a Violin/ Viola Recital Now! Excited to see my friend’s Pam and Kirsten perform. #musiciangoals They are seriously two amazing musicians and It will be a beautiful afternoon of music.Then headed to a 2 year old birthday party for my friend Kel’s daughter, Emma! Let the fun begin!

Enjoy your Sunday Funday All… and remember to enjoy the little moments and Relax!!!! funday image


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