Columbia for a day!

Blast from the past!!! Fine Arts Festival National Competition with my Worship Team!

fine arts worship

fine arts tiffany

It’s that time again… Northern Missouri Fine Arts!!! Dave and I look forward to this time every year. The opportunity to Evaluate so many talented kids each year, giving them tips on how they can improve their God given talents and reminiscing about my days in Fine Arts are priceless!!!  Although the wall colors have changed, rooms have been renovated, and the decor has been updated, Christian Chapel, still has the same feel for me.

Every hallway is packed with zealous youth ready to present their solos, art work, dance solos/ groups, dramas, human videos, worship teams, and bands. It is crazy, LOUD, exciting,  and nerve wracking at the same time. This was one of my favorite things as a student to be a part of and all the late night practices were so worth it!!!! I met my best friends and got to travel all over the U. S. after receiving a Superior with Invitation. I know how important this Festival is to so many students since I was once in their shoes… Now I hfine artsave the opportunity to encourage them to pursue their dreams, just like all of those who evaluated my performances.

……………………………………………And last night, Dave and I had date night in downtown Columbia!!!! This was the first time we have actually gone out the night before Fine Arts. Usually after the drive and the meeting, we are exhausted… this time we both wanted to explore. 

date night

AND IT WAS SO FUN!!!!! We are the worst at trying to figure out where to eat… the worst!!! 

Dave wanted a nice restaurant and I am so glad that we chose this place!!!! It is Amazing! If you are visiting Columbia, this is a MUST visit place… it is a little pricey, but so worth it! We decided to be adventurous in our menu selections and I am so glad we did.

I got one of their signature cocktails, which was quite interesting. It had an orange pineapple taste with a vanilla aftertaste. All of their signature drinks were named after books- I chose the “Little White Lie”.

We got the Kale salad with lemon poppy seed dressing, almond slices, craisins, goat cheese, and apricots.  It was tangy and sweet, and I could eat that every day!!!- And it was healthy!!!!

The small plate item we got was the smoky-ribs, which were not small at all! Glad we shared everything! IT WAS SO GOOD THAT I DIDN’T GET A PIC. #sohungry

For the main course we chose Duck. Neither of us have ever had Duck and wanted to try something new and different for a new place. Seriously best choice! The Duck came with a   cranberry glaze over the top, yellow potatoes, and chard! Everything worked so well and the chard really complimented the Duck… It was YUM YUM GONE… AND NO PIC 🙁 we ate it so fast!!!

OMG!!! AND although we were both pretty stuffed, we couldn’t leave the restaurant without ordering the chef’s own grandma’s desert recipe… desert

Seriously- Go eat at Sycamore’s… You will love it!!!! Happy Saturday All!!!!

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