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March is Music in Our Schools month! This is a time when music teachers around the world showcase their talented students, ask students to speak up about how the arts have impacted their lives, and teachers advocate to parents, other teachers, district superintendents, and principals. As a music teacher, I understand the importance of advocating for my instrumental program and for our students. I recently shared a video of YoYo Ma discussing the importance of the arts within schools, and how music and the things learned in music/ art classes transfer to so many other areas of our lives. ” Music is athletic, requires focus and flexibility, and dares us to be vulnerable.”- YoYo Ma.

Here is the clip for your viewing pleasure:

How are students impacted by arts education? 

Well, speaking specifically as a music educator, orchestra and band students learn way more than how to hold their instruments and how to play their instruments. They learn how to be dependent and independent, how to listen in a more focused manner, how to concentrate on what they are doing while also being aware of others, how to watch and execute the music exactly as written, as well as, responsibility, communication, collaboration, creativity, self-expression and how to be a leader. These are all things that will help a student in other areas of their lives.

Beyond these amazing things, it has been shown that students who are involved in music and the arts many times get higher grades, higher scores on tests, are more dedicated and determined,  and set more goals to try and achieve more, just to name a few 🙂

Here is some more information providing 20 Benefits for students:

Over the next couple days, I will be telling you more about my journey in music, my husbands journey with music ( maybe i’ll even have him blog a little ) 😉 fun music memories,  share some student write ups about their experiences with music and its impact on their lives, Share links of my favorite performances, and share some more insight on backing arts education, and what you can do to help.

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