Working Hard for the Money


There are so many times that I think how great I have it being with my hubby, but I don’t talk about it as much as I should. I really have a great guy! He is supportive, encouraging, fun, intelligent, compassionate, hilarious, and so much more. I am really proud of him… He is currently back in school learning about computer programming, networking, and IT.  He was never really into school growing up and had a hard time being interested in his classes and knowing his study skills. But, recently he has figured out how he learns best and how to study better, and has received  100% on 2 quizzes. Way to go Babe!!!!

fun with dave

While in school, he is also working at O’Reilly’s ! I am really proud of him and the progress he is making.

Also he is an incredible cook… Thank the Lord! I prayed and prayed for a man that could cook and the Lord provided!

1 Spicy Chili with corn bread and corn chips.


2. Red Wine Beef Stew on this cold winter day. Instant favorite! Served with fresh Rye Bread. Delicious!


3. How bout that roasted chicken?  In the Dutch Oven I got him for Christmas
Looks good, right?!!!

Lemon chicken

We have homemade pizza nights on Friday nights!

dave cooking

Springbreak is over 🙁

This week has certainly been rough getting back into teaching and school for both of us ( Dave had Spring Break last week also). Glad I have coffee, although it isn’t quite as good as Dave made it over our break.

Over Spring Break, Dave would make me a frothy coffee using Heavy whipping cream and sugar, or sometimes maple syrup and of course, the coffee! We bought a frothier but Dave ended up using a whisk instead and making it thicker himself. It is so GOOD!

And…  If it is maple syrup it has to be “Real” Maple syrup… He is from Geagua County in Ohio and they make syrup, so that is what he is used to. Anytime we go to a breakfast restaurant he just has to ask if the Maple syrup is Real… It is pretty amusing.


Any way… I love this man of mine! He is working hard for the Money and for me! Love you Dave Ross!



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