Teaching, Crafting and Relaxing!

Teaching and playing music is my passion and my life. I began my love of music early on. My mom plays violin and piano, and my dad plays piano, and used to play trumpet. I remember many nights of falling asleep to my dad playing piano and I went to many many orchestra concerts of my mom’s. I would sit and make up songs on the piano and I began taking private violin lessons at age 5. Both my parents performed and learned how to play their instruments at their schools as they grew and I did as well. Playing in my orchestra at school and in my community youth orchestra, I found a joy for creating something beautiful that could never be taken from me or the others performing!   I am fortunate to still get to create music with my instrument and with wonderful colleagues here in Springfield and now teach others to do the same!

Me and my first violin!!!

baby violin

It is music in our schools month and I have asked my students to write About their experiences having music in our schools and why it is important for music to stay in the schools! I am very eager to read what they will write about. I teach 6-8 grade orchestra and while many times I get frustrated thinking that we should be better, or not understanding why my explanations of things many times go above their knowledge ( they have not developers their critical thinking and I forget… duh), there are also many times I am amazed at their answers and responses! Hoping this will be one of those things.



The theme this year for Music in Our Schools is “music inspires.” How have you been inspired through music or by music? Let me know… comment- I am intrigued!

While I absolutely love teaching, sometimes you have to allow yourself to stop thinking about every lesson you have done, if the students learned anything, and why they are not getting things, etc… (and all the other things that keep us teachers up at night,) and craft!

My friend Sara’s little girl, Adelaide, turns one this weekend and she is throwing a birthday party for her, inviting close friends, family and her church family. She asked if I would be willing to make some props for a photo booth! I have done many photo booths for parties and really enjoy making cute things and was thrilled to do this for her. I worked on them tonight to finish them up… what do you think?!


And after a long day at work and crafting, you have to relax before bed!!!!! Eating my halo top ice cream in my lavender bath bomb bath…. Yep doing it… best thing ever! Got the bath bomb from Ruby’s the other night and I loved it!!!! Smell was great and the bath was silky smooth! Go try one… you’ll love it!!!

bath bombThe bath bomb is also made with ingredients I actually know, so it has to be healthy and good for me!

Well that is all for me tonight.. gonna head to bed early…. Day light Saving time got me all crazy!


Have a good night! Hope to hear from you about your life and how music has inspired your life.

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