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It is the end of my Spring break and I will be heading back to teaching and real life tomorrow. Sad to see this time go, but I must admit I had a lovely time. Sleeping in… (Thank God I did not have to work this last week with the time change) staying in my p.j’s, catching up on shows and binge watching Downton Abbey, seeing my two Grandma’s in Oklahoma, sleep overs and some awesome friend time this weekend.

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early… well it was actually still dark outside (thanks daylights saving time) but it was definitely early, to set out on a small overnight trip to Kansas City with the girls. My friend Felicia is getting married this next September and her and her fiance are planning an Indian/ American fusion wedding- The girls will be wearing Sari’s, Felicia will wear a Lehenga, and the guys will wear tuxes. Here are some pics from the day of trying on Sari’s and Lehenga’s:

( None of these Sari’s are what Felicia chose, but it was fun trying on the different styles and colors to give her an idea of what she liked.)

Side note- Why the heck do American’s have such boring wardrobes? The Indian Sari’s were so beautiful and vibrant, with so much exquisite detail and did you know that a typical wedding is celebrated over 4 days! Wow- the Bride must feel really special! And, you get to dress in the beautiful gowns and lots and lots of jewelry for all 4 days… AMAZING!

The lady who helped us with the Sari and Lehenga fittings was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for sari’s for special occasions or a wedding.

Her name is Chetna Ranat- find her on facebook or look at some dresses on her site:  https://www.facebook.com/leharrcollection/?pnref=story

  • She can help you custom make your own sari’s and Lehenga’s with every detail you would like for your special day or special event.

After trying on the beautiful Sari’s… 4 hours later… we were all exhausted. We arrived at our Airbnb… which if you have not done this yet, you NEED to. Airbnb is so convenient, sometimes cheaper than a hotel, and a way homier way to travel. The house we stayed at had enough rooms for all 8 of us girls, enough bathrooms and mirrors for us to get ready, a chill environment and some snacks provided by the host as a welcome gift. I would definitely recommend the place that we stayed for anyone that is taking a short trip to KC.

Thank God for Naps! We all napped for about an hour or so, because sometimes you just need to take a nap and why not when it is Spring break! Then we got ready to head out on the town- Our Destinations: Country Club Plaza for dinner at McCormick and Schmidt’s ( Yum Yum) and the Power and Light District for some dancing.

Aren’t we so cute?!!! Classy pic on top and crazy pic on bottom. I am so blessed to have these girls as friends… a decade of friendship with some!

Bride to be, Felicia!!!

Isn’t she stunning???!!! She is beautiful inside and out!

Image result for arrow picturesstunning bride

What a fun weekend- Love you girls so much! Excited for the wedding in September! Now to enjoy the last hours of Spring Break 2017!


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  1. Hello,
    I just came across your blog post about our business. Thank you for your review and kind words. Appreciate it. I enjoyed and had a lot of fun working with Felicia and all your friends.

    1. Yay! Chetna! It was such a fun experience and you are so welcome! We all had a great time and loved getting to meet you as well! You and your team are very talented! Check out post entitled “Reflections on this New Year’s Day,” to see some pics of the wedding!

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