A Beautiful Life

Welcome Everyone! I am so glad that you are here. This blog will serve to document my days as a teacher, friend and wife! I love teaching orchestra and my students, so some posts will be about them and lessons learned, fun things I am trying out and things that I love… maybe even some funnies! I teach middle school students and they say the funniest things sometimes, so that might get documented! I am also into fitness and yoga, trying to stay in shape and helping others who may be looking for a healthier lifestyle. Every once in a while I will post on this topic and give some insight, things I have learned, and introduce you to some awesome yoga sites and exercises. And while I enjoy staying fit and being a music teacher, I love to decorate and give people ideas on easy DIY projects and create fun decor and props for parties and events! My husband is my best friend and the love of my life, so of course you’ll hear about him!  I hope that this blog will bring inspiration, laughter, encouragement and bring more beauty into your world around you!

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